Judah Taub

Hello! I’m Judah Taub, a recent photojournalism graduate and a professional photographer living in the heart of Philadelphia. However, I often spend almost as much time traveling the country and the world as I do at home.

Travel has been a part of my life since I was a young child. As the son of an enlisted Marine, my family was uprooted often, which I believe is the reason for my appreciation of difference ways of life.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit 36 states (plus D.C.) and I plan to get to all 50 states before my 28th birthday (just four years to go!). Although my favorite city to photograph often changes, right now I prefer New Orleans for the historic architecture, Southern charm, the haute cuisine and the city’s flamboyant characters.

While abroad, I’m just as likely to hit up the tourist hot spots as I am to seek out hidden gems. While everyone lines up to photograph the Sagrada Familia,(see my photos of Sagrada Familia here), I enjoyed the quiet of the Parc de Labirint d’Horta on the outskirts of Barcelona. Instead of Santorini, I prefer the Greek island of Ano Koufonisia and Gala Beach, which is sheltered under a semicircle of rock.

One of my favorite vacation get always is by cruise ship. Besides appreciating the many amenities that are offered, I appreciate the many destinations and excursions I can visit and with my cameras, I feel like I am conquering the world.

About My Cameras

I favor Canon DSLR cameras of which I have a Mark II, 7D and Rebel as a back up. My lenses are wide angle 18mm – 35mm and zoom 70mm – 300mm stabilizers. I also carry a point-and-shoot camera for some personal or quick capture shots when my DSLRs are not readable available.